Family of four from the United Kingdom dead after crash

A car was crushed in Titusville after a family of four collided with a pick-up truck. All four people in the crushed vehicle are dead.

Investigators say that the four people were from the same family and driving a rental car when the accident occurred. It appears that the family was on their way back to where they were coming from after watching the rocket launch earlier that day

 "Our investigators believe they were coming from the space center because of the GPS and it appears they were trying to get their location back to where they were going and for some reason made a u-turn," said Police Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson. 

Police say that the vehicle, identified as a sedan, crashed into a heavy duty pick-up truck when the sedan attempted to make a u-turn on S.R. 405 on Scisson Road.

Earl Pierson works nearby, "I seen people running out there and I went over there and looked and I seen a car demolished."

The victims are from the United Kingdom. In a Florida Today report, Titusville Police said 30-year-old Adam P. Stephenson, 29-year-old Maryanne Stephenson, 66-year-old Brian Stephenson, and 56-year-old Sheralyn T. Stephenson were the victims.

The driver of the truck was transported to the hospital, but is doing okay. 

State Road 405 is back open after being closed for 3 hours.