Family seeking justice after father of 3 shot to death in southwest side motel room

Family members say Sammie Robinson began texting a woman on August 27.

They were going to meet in person for the first time on Friday, September 2. That would be the last day of Robinson's life.

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Now, his three kids are left without a father and loved ones want to know why.

"If he was in a gang dealing drugs or something like that, but that wasn't his life. He didn't live that life," said Robinson's mother Latricia Ratcliff.

According to family members, Robinson recently met a woman on Instagram.

"She had started following him on Instagram three weeks prior, then she started texting him on August 27," said Robinson's sister Tarnisha Elder. "He didn't know her at all."


Text messages between the pair have them meeting at a motel at 13930 Fondren in room 102.

"She said, I'm outside. He said, 'where', and that was it," said Ratcliff.

After texting the word where, Robinson was shot to death.

"He said there was one bullet in the shoulder, and the rest were in the back," Elder said. "From what he thinks happened, when he opened the door, they shot him right here, and he tried to run. They shot the rest in the back."

"The people in the office said they saw someone around 1:30 a.m. in a black hoodie go to the door, and then all of a sudden took off running," Ratcliff said.


The shooter left behind Robinson's truck, cell phone, and $274 in his pocket.

"He barely knew you," said Robinson's sister, Chastity Ratcliff. "You lured him into this room and then he ends up dead."

"He didn't have any issues with no one," said Elder. "It's just senseless to us."

"I want justice for my baby," Robinson's mother said. "They took my baby's life. I want justice and I want to know why."