Fancy Feast opens restaurant for humans with cat-inspired dishes

Limited reservations for “Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast”, are available beginning August 4. (Credit: Purina)

Ever wonder what’s it like to eat like a cat? A new restaurant in New York City hopes to solve that mystery.

The "Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast" Italian restaurant will soon open and bring medley recipes from Fancy Feast— a popular brand of gourmet wet cat food—to humans for a limited time. 

The restaurant will be open only from Thursday, August 11, to Friday, August 12, with four reservations per evening at 6:10 p.m. ET. Each reservation will accommodate two guests (ages 21+).

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The restaurant is located between Far West Village and the Meatpacking District in New York City.


Developed by Fancy Feast’s in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, and Michelin Star winning Italian chef and acclaimed New York restaurateur Cesare Casella, the dishes that will be served at Gatto Bianco take inspiration from Fancy Feast Medleys recipes and

"The dishes (for humans!) take inspiration from Fancy Feast Medleys recipes and pay homage to traditional Italian cuisine," the company, Purina, said in a news release

The dishes were developed by Fancy Feast’s in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, and famed Italian chef and New York restaurateur Cesare Casella.

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Gatto Bianco will be open for dinner in New York City on Thursday, August 11 and Friday, August 12. (Credit: Purina)

"Food has the power to connect us to others in meaningful ways and take us to places we have never been," Hassner said. "The same is true for our cats. The dishes at Gatto Bianco are prepared in ways that help cat owners understand how their cats experience food – from flavor, to texture, to form – in a way that only Fancy Feast can."

Diners will be treated to a complimentary tasting menu as well as an inside look at how chefs develop Fancy Feast recipes. 

Online reservations will open Thursday, August 4 at 12:00 p.m. ET. 

For those who can’t make it, recipes are also available online

This story was reported from Los Angeles.