Fayetteville Police deliver meals to those without power

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Fayetteville Police officers not only protect and serve they also deliver!

Wednesday, they delivered hot meals to people who have been without power since the winds from Irma blew through on Monday, knocking down trees and power lines.

Police Officer Leslie Fluegeman asked people on Facebook to send them a message if they still did not have power. Dozens upon dozens of people responded saying they were still in the dark.

They also got a number of responses from people saying they wanted to help, like Kavian Baker with the nonprofit, Sisters for Society Corporation.

"I was one of the lucky ones, I have power, so if I can use my kitchen to serve others, that's what I'm doing," said Baker.

Tremayne Santiago lives in Atlanta. When he heard what police wanted to do, he bought hundreds of hot dogs and burgers and drove his grill down to Fayetteville and started grilling.

"If I was hungry and didn't have any power, I would hope someone would do the same thing for me," said Santiago.

With food in hand, officers knocked on Edna Tyree's door. She has not had power in three days.

"I think it's wonderful, at least they care. It was a surprise to see them out because I figured they had plenty to do. I do appreciate it," said Tyree.

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