FBI releases select photographs in Pulse shooting

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For the first time since the mass shooting at the Pulse Orlando Nightclub, photographs related to the killing of gunman Omar Mateen have been released by the FBI. 

Among the photographs are images of a Kevlar helmet worn by Orlando Police Officer Michael Napolitano, who was struck by a bullet during a hail of gunfire exchanged between authorities and the gunman.  

Napolitano wrote a short report about his injury, which was included in documents released last year.  

"I was shot in the helmet and received a laceration to the forehead," he wrote.  "I was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center for immediate treatment."

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Napolitano said he received four stitches.   In those same documents, Orlando police officers described what they saw and heard on the morning of June 12.

Officer C. Reynolds wrote, "I could see multiple people running out of the south door screaming. I could also hear multiple gunshots coming from inside the building. I also observed concrete and sparks flying from bullets coming through the south door."

Sgt. Ira Morris wrote, "As we entered the club, I observed multiple fatalities near the north side bar, the VIP sitting area, the dance floor and stage."

Photographs of the exterior and interior of the nightclub show how law enforcement were able to breach the walls of the club in order to get to the gunman and terminate the threat.