Florida dog gets very Florida bucket list -- and you can help

Photo courtesy Banjo's Bucket List / Facebook

Meet Banjo. He's a 9-year-old pup who spends his days at the SPCA Bishop Animal Shelter in Manatee County. But he has numerous health concerns including hip issues, a heart murmur, and most recently, a terminal skin cancer. 

"On November 2 [of 2017], our vet estimated that he had about two months left with us," explained Maggie White-Domain, the shelter's kennel manager and Banjo's foster mom.

At that point, inspired by something similar she saw on Facebook with a dog from Maryland, White-Domain decided to create a bucket list for Banjo. Fifteen different adventures are in the list, a few of which they have already been able to check off, including visiting a dog beach, going on a boat, and taking pictures with Santa.

"I know that he likes it. I know that for sure," White-Domain said. "Everything that we got to do, he's just ready for the adventure. As soon as he got to the beach, he took off running for the water." 

In addition to being a good time for Banjo, the bucket list adventures may be proving to be good for his health. He has surpassed the two-month life expectancy that he was diagnosed with last November. His foster mom is hopeful that he is in remission. In the meantime, they will continue on with his bucket list.

A fundraiser is planned to help the SPCA Bishop Animal Shelter with Banjo's healthcare expenses. 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza, located at 6220 14th St W. in Bradenton, will be donating 15 percent of their proceeds on Tuesday, April 3.

One of the items White-Domain and Banjo are still trying to check off the bucket list is selfies with 100 different people. If you want to visit take a selfie with Banjo, he's at the SPCA Bishop Animal Center most days during business hours.

LINK: You can follow Banjo's journey here: www.facebook.com/banjosbucketlist/