Florida school shooting victims honored during spring training games

Friday was a cool, breezy day for the opening day of Spring Training, and in 2018, spring ball starts off in a solemn tone.

Diamondbacks and Rockies players on the field wore the same baseball caps with the letter "SD", in memory of those killed in the school massacre in Florida. The caps are black, and the letters "SD" stands for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where the shooiting happened.

"I'm a baseball nut. We're both baseball nuts. I love it when the players get involved and honor, what's been happening with our country," said David Redline.

"I think it's a great of example of saying they're sad to see it happen, and showing everybody they care," said Jerry Shain.

It's a rare thing when the Commissioner's Office lets the players change up their uniforms for a game. Afterwards, the players will sign their caps, and auction them off. The proceeds will go to the Broward Education Foundation, into a special fund set up for victims' families and survivors.

"It's really sad for all those losses," said Wendy Fitzpatrick. "We should all have that hat. We should all think about it."

Before the game, everyone stood for a moment of silence, with heavy hearts. Later, it was time to play ball.

"I think it's great they took time out to do that, and it shows support for America," said Linda Ivy.

All 30 Major League Baseball teams wore the special cap on Friday, and the teams who have openers tomorrow will also wear the black SD caps.

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