Forsyth County sheriff rants about GA 400 'super speeders'

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The Forsyth Sheriff has had enough of speeders on Georgia State Route 400, and he let everyone know on Facebook.

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In a post on Sunday, Sheriff Ron Freeman said that deputies have been catching people speeding on GA 400 that would "make NASCAR blush."

Freeman said that he needs people to "slow their behinds down."

"Just this past Thursday I stopped an 18-year-old driving 103+ mph on GA 400 South near Pilgrim Mill Road," he said on Facebook. "If you see me in a grey pinstripe suit and blue tie stop you for speeding, you've had a bad day."

According to Freeman, Forsyth County deputies have issued citations for "super speeders" who have gone speeds like 90 mph, 94 mph, 100 mph, 103 mph, 111 mph, and more. The speed limit for the zone is 55 mph.

"You have heard me say it before, I'm not big on writing tickets, but your own Mom would have told us to give you a ticket at these speeds," he said."

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office said that they will be increasing the presence of deputies on the highway and other roadways while the speeding keeps going on.