Fort Worth caterer marries couple after pastor doesn't show up

Jube's Smokehouse in Fort Worth is used to catering weddings, but it is not every day they are asked to be a part of the wedding itself!

The owner of the restaurant, Patrick Joubert, said he went to deliver food for a wedding on July 25, when a bride's mother asked him a question.

"You wouldn't happen to be an ordained minister, would you?"

The pastor who was supposed to marry Sarah Hudgins and Luis Garcia hadn't shown up, and the couple's big day was at risk of being ruined.

"We were ready to drive down to the courthouse and walk in and get married," Hudgins said.

Joubert, an ordained minister for 35 years, stepped in to save the day.

"I say to her my famous saying, have no fear your preacher is here," Joubert said.

"I busted out into tears because I was just so shocked. I had to take my eyelashes off," Hudgins said.

After making a few jokes with the bride and groom, Joubert, dressed in shorts and a black polo, took his position at the end of the aisle. 

"When I saw these two there was just something about being in their presence that I knew these two are in love," Joubert said.

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"I believe it was perfect. It was God's will," said Garcia. "The rest was quick and easy. 10 minutes and we were married!"

The bride left a 5-star review of the BBQ joint on Google saying, "Jube is such an amazing person, and we will never be able to thank him and his team enough."