FOUND: Child's wheelchair taken from family's front yard

The family of a little boy says an expensive, custom-made wheelchair that was taken from their front yard Monday morning has been found. 

Andrew Dennis posted a photo of his son on in the wheelchair on Facebook saying he put the wheelchair out near the mailbox before the school bus came like he has every morning for the past two years. As the bus loads the wheelchair, Dennis says he gets his son out the door. 

Early Monday morning, when the bus arrived, the wheelchair was gone, along with the little boy's backpack and glasses. 

Dennis appealed to social media and to the sheriff's office to help find it. By the end of the day, Dennis said it was returned, without damage. Turns out a scrapper came by thinking it was trash and it was returned. 

No charges will be filed. 

Dennis says the wheelchair was his son's primary way of moving around, and when his son has an epileptic seizure, it's the only way to transport him. 

The value of the wheelchair is estimated at approximately $10,000.00.