Free 'nothing burger' with secret password at Z-Burger Tenleytown location

Pic: Ehpien / Fickr

On Tuesday July 18, you can score a free 'nothing burger' at Z-Burger's Teneleytown location. 

Speak the magic words 'nothing burger' and the D.C. based burger joint will give you one for free!

But what exactly is a nothing burger? 

A delicious beef, turkey or veggie patty on two toasted buns-- that's it! 

According to Z-Burger founder Peter Tabibian, "For years when someone orders a plain burger I have always yelled out the order as a “Nothing Burger” to my cooks so I think that I actually invented the term."

And Z-Burger wants to give customers a taste of the good stuff. So from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Teneleytown location you can try it out for yourself. No purchase necessary.