Frontier Airlines responds after man says he was kicked off flight, discriminated against

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A professional skateboarder is upset after he said he was kicked off a plane for a wearing a T-shirt that offended another passenger.

Justin Mallory said the incident happened on March 2 in Atlanta as he tried to board a Frontier Airlines plane to Phoenix, Arizona for a skating event. Mallory insisted he was discriminated against because his shirt displays two guns in a logo. He's now being represented by Atlanta-based attorney Mawuli Davis. The two held a held a news conference Wednesday.

"Your man was taken off a flight for wearing a Big Black Biscuit hoodie," Mallory told the crowd.

Davis said his client's business manager/girlfriend called the Airlines immediately after the incident and was told Mallory was removed because his shirt made another passenger feel uncomfortable.

"You have a right to wear this kind of artistic have that right without being discriminated against," Davis added.

FOX 5 News received a comment about the incident from Frontier Airlines:

“According to incident reports, Justin Mallory was removed from his flight on March 2, 2018, for being disruptive and not complying with crew member instructions. He became argumentative prior to boarding when asked to check a skateboard. It is Frontier's policy that skateboards are not permitted in the cabin. After eventually checking the item, the passenger boarded the aircraft and continued to exhibit disruptive behavior. Frontier Airlines takes the safety and security of our flights, and all our customers, seriously and it was determined that the passenger should not fly. We refunded the passenger's ticket to allow him to make other travel arrangements."

Davis wants all video and audio from Frontier Airlines related to the incident.