Gap ad aims to normalize breastfeeding, empower women

Photo: Gap

Gap is getting a lot of attention and praise for one of its latest advertisements.

The San Francisco based company first released the ad on Instagram last week.

It features two photos. The first photo shows a model Adaora Akubilo, 34, in a sleep shirt, carrying her 20-month-old son.

The second photo shows the Akubilo breastfeeding her son.

The model says it was a natural moment on set, that the photographer asked if he could shoot.

The ad for the Love by Gap Body collection has almost 40,000 likes.     

In a post on her own Instagram page Akubilo wrote, "I am the world's proudest mama holding my little star in this (Gap Body) campgian..."

According to Fox News, Gap has stated the ad was designed to “encourage and empower” its female customers from all walks of life.

Users are calling the photos beautiful and praising the brand for normalizing breastfeeding.