Georgia firefighters save choking dog

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Peachtree City firefighters jumped into action to save a woman's choking dog.

Tonya Barber said she was at a shopping center in Peachtree City when she gave her dog, Bailey, a treat. In his excitement, Bailey inhaled it whole. The treat was stuck his windpipe and he started choking. Fortunately, there is a fire station right across the street.

Rescuers knew they had plenty of tools on Peachtree City ambulances to save human lives, but Firefighter/Paramedics Daniel and Mike knew they would have to adapt their tools and training if they were going to save Bailey's life. And his life was slipping away.

Daniel used a device to hold Bailey's jaws open and look down his throat. Then, with the help of a suction tool, guided the treat out of Bailey's windpipe until the dog was able to finish getting it out.

Bailey was saved. And is back to his old self at home with Tonya.

It might be all in a day's work to these guys, but the community has been expressing its support on the department's Facebook page with a lot of appreciation for a job well done.