Georgia school using new technology for added security

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With school shootings across the country, security has taken center stage. A Georgia school district is using new technology to alert first responders in seconds.

The emergency notification system is called AlertPoint. It can be activated by any teacher or staff member with a push of a button on the back of their ID badge. Dean Olds, the co-founder of AlertPoint said when it comes to an emergency situation, seconds count.

"How fast can you notify all building occupants, how fast can you get behind that locked door, that's very important to save lives," said Olds.

When the button on the badge is pushed, lights flash, alarms go off, a map of the school campus comes up on cell phones and computer screens that pinpoints where the emergency is located. Kennesaw Mountain High School is one of three Cobb County schools are already using the system, and more are about to go online with it in the next few weeks.

There are hubs in every room and hallway, even outside. The lights are color coded depending on the emergency, from an active shooter to a medical situation. Red is full lockdown.

Cobb County Schools Police Officer Phil Bradford said this dramatically cuts down on response time.

"Irrespective of how many buildings or acres of campus, everyone can be notified within seconds with this badge activation," said Officer Bradford.

School officials said with all staff and teachers having a badge, everyone is participating in the safety of our kids.

"Look at how many staff members you have, you got that many more sets of eyes being mindful of what's going on," said Officer Bradford.

Cobb County is the first school district to use this emergency notification system. School officials said the funding came from SPLOST dollars. While only a handful of schools have the system right now, the plan is to have it in every Cobb County school within the next few years