Gold Star families honored at the White House

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump hosted Gold Star families for a memorial reception at the White House.

Gold Star families are the relatives of U.S. military members who died in battle. One of those in attendance Monday night has a special connection to FOX 5. Diana Pike was a longtime manager with FOX 5 and her son, Chief Petty Officer Christian Pike, died on March 13, 2013 in Germany as a result from combat injuries suffered in Afghanistan.

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Christian was assigned to a U.S. Navy unit and was shot in the head during a firefight. He was part of a five-man team fighting 16 to 18 enemy troops.

Despite a 10-hour battle, about half of the enemy who attacked Chief Petty Officer Pike’s unit were killed in that battle.

Diana Pike spent Sunday at Arlington National Cemetery visiting her son’s grave in Section 60. Christian’s death is something she deals with every day. 

“It’s been five years now and it doesn’t get any easier,” she said. “It changes a bit, but he’s just not here. There’s no phone calls, there’s no emails, there’s no communication. I won’t have grandchildren. So my future – he is the end of his line and it’s just the end of so many things for me.”

Diana said she feels honored to be representing Gold Star families at the White House. The invitation to meet with Trump and the first lady was an important opportunity to remind the public that we are still a country at war.