Goodyear 6th grade teacher accused of sexual misconduct with student

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Goodyear police arrested a female teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student at Las Brisas Academy.

Authorities say the relationship was reported to them on March 21 by the school's principal.

"The allegations were brought to the principal by the parent of the victim who found text messages between the sixth-grade teacher and her 13-year-old male student indicating sexual activity both on and off campus," stated Lisa Kutis of the Goodyear Police Department.

The parents were reportedly alerted by an app they had to monitor their son's phone, which caught on to the sexually suggestive language.

Brittany Zamora, 27, was taken into custody without incident on Thursday morning at her home. As of Thursday night, Zamora is in jail. She had only worked for a year at Las Brisas Academy, which is located near 183rd Avenue and Broadway Road.

Zamora was reportedly married.

Parents, meanwhile, say they knew Zamora as a wife, a teacher of the year, and trusted, with some saying she was the most sough-out teacher to have in sixth grade.

"Very sad to have this hit so close to home," said Ashley Goodman, who knew Zamora.

Some students said Zamora's interactions with the student she is accused of having sexual relations with were sometimes questionable.

"We all had suspicions, because they were really close," said one female student. "I hoped it was just rumors going around school."

Zamora faces charges of molestation of a child, furnishing harmful material, and sexual conduct with a minor.