Grand Prairie police seek officer impersonator who sexually assaulted woman

Grand Prairie police are trying to find a man who posed as an officer and raped a woman.

Police said the suspect pulled the woman over as she was heading home on Jefferson Boulevard near Cockrell Hill Road about 1 a.m. Saturday. When she got to the 4000 block of East Jefferson, she told police she looked in her rearview mirror and saw a black SUV with blue and red flashing lights on the front fender.

"Thought it was a police officer. So instinctively, she pulls over,” explained Grand Prairie Police Officer Mark Beseda. “The driver walked up to her car. He was wearing a black tactical-style police looking outfit. He also had a police duty belt and a badge."

Police say the man asked her for identification and insurance. Then at some point, he asked her to step back to his vehicle.

"She got in the back seat, and this impersonator sexually assaulted her right there at the scene,” Beseda said.

Police say the stretch of road where the attack happened isn't an area where there would be a lot of witnesses in the middle of the night. Detectives believe the impersonator strategically picked the stretch of road to commit the crime.

Police described the suspect as a Hispanic male, approximately 25-years-old, 6’2”, 250 pounds with black slicked back hair, a mustache with stubble on his face and thick eyebrows. He may or may not have facial hair at this time. Two sketches were released – one with facial hair and one without.

"This is extremely dangerous. This is very alarming to us,” Beseda said. “It’s very concerning, and we don't see this very often."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 972-988-8477(TIPS).

Police say you can always call 911 to verify there is a legitimate officer pulling you over.