Group of wild turkeys becomes nuisance at John Muir Health clinic

Some patients are having to dodge turkeys while en route to a John Muir clinic in Concord, . 

The group of about a dozen turkeys has become a common sight in front of the building located at 2700 Grant Street. The turkeys tend to pace along the front of the building, often blocking the front doors.

John Muir Director of Corporate Communications Ben Drew tells KTVU he believes the turkeys have been getting fed by people in the area. According to Drew, the turkeys have been getting aggressive with people in the parking lot. He said they have scratched vehicles and their waste poses a problem as well. 

John Muir has been working the county, the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the US Department of Agriculture to find a solution to the problem. 

Apparently, not everyone sees the turkeys as a problem. A permit to trap the turkeys was granted, but once the turkeys were captured, someone cut them loose to set them free again. Additional details on who released the turkeys - and how they were released - have not been revealed. 

At this point, additional details on a plan to remove the turkeys from the area have not been released.