Group throwing birthday bash for Trump receives threats

Two Central Florida Republican groups are getting ready to celebrate President Donald Trump's 71st birthday in a big way, but organizers said they are getting some threatening push back.

"'We hate the President" and "Don't have this event. You will not like the results!" are just a few of the messages posted on the Facebook page for the group We The People Stand With Trump, based out of Lake County, Florida.  They are in response to fliers about an event this Saturday at Tavares Square in Tavares, Florida. 

Fliers have been posted throughout the state promoting combination birthday celebration for the president and a Flag Day celebration. 

"They were saying, 'You shouldn't have an event for the President.   He's not my President.'  Very negative, but we're not negative, so we don't answer thing like that," said Cheryl Hall, who runs the Facebook group. 

"The thing is, a guy like that, they'll say mean things online, but if I was standing next to them, they wouldn't say anything.  I feel safe and secure. We do have a heightened sense of security," explained group member William Siegenthaler.

Hall said local law enforcement, along with hired security, will be at Saturday's event.  She said Wednesday's shooting in Virginia at a GOP Congressional Baseball Team practice amps up security concerns.

Organizers expect hundreds to attend, with appearances from state Republican leaders.  There will even be a video message from President Trump himself, organizers said.

As for the authors of the online threats?

Siegenthaler said, "They'd be foolish to do anything more than stay home and twiddle their thumbs."