Heated testimony over 'Sanctuary City' petition

Members of Phoenix's City Council heard heated and emotional testimony Wednesday, over a citizen petition to adopt a "Sanctuary City" police to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.

"The longer this waits, the longer the Phoenix Police Department continues to hurt our families," said Carlos Garcia Puenta. "So, we demand swift and quick action to stop working with 1070."

"My family comes from Mexico. I'm just as much Mexican as many of these people here today and I don't want to see any more people die. I don't want to see Phoenix Arizona become a Sanctuary City," said Cindy Perrin.

While the Council voted down the petition and said the proposal is unlawful due to SB 1070, they voted yes to keep the topic in conversation.

"The reality is that this issue is settled as a matter of law," said Mayor Greg Stanton. "It was settled for Phoenix and every other Arizona city by that law known as SB 1070."

 The Council did, however, approve an amendment to explore what legal action, if any, could be taken against SB 1070. That will happen during a closed-door executive session.