Heroes turn into victims of crime in Douglasville

Bystanders who rushed to the aid of victims trapped in a fiery crash become victims themselves as a thief took advantage of the situation.

Employees at Tires Plus in Douglas County grabbed fire extinguishers to put out the flames Saturday, but while they tended to the crash victims someone swiped an employee's cell phone right off the counter.

"The best way I can describe it is a small nuclear bomb, just fire, fire, fire," said Justin Roberts.

Employees shared cell phone video of what they saw at Tires Plus on Thornton Road after a driver crashed into nine cars. Manager Justin Roberts was one of many employees who rushed to help. They grabbed fire extinguishers to put out the flames.

"We weren't being superheroes or nothing like this. We saw people in need of help and that's what we did. We did what we could to fill in the gaps," said Roberts.

One of the people in the multi-car pileup was pinned in his car. Medics had to later airlift them.

Roberts said they kept extinguishing the flames in his car until emergency personnel arrived.

"We just wanted to keep him talking, Hey, we don't want you to move… it's good you can move, but we don't want you to move," said Roberts.

By this time a lot of people stopped to look at the accident. But while Justin and his colleagues tended to victims, someone decided to walk into the shops bay, and take an employee’s cell phone.

"He was pretty upset. He didn't lock the phone. It's a family phone, he doesn't care about the phone he wants the pictures off of it," said Roberts.

Roberts hopes someone will just turn it in, but the employees won let one person take away from all the good that was done that day.

"We're just thankful we could do something, whatever we could do," said Roberts.

Everyone in all nine cars survived the crash. The man who had to be airlifted was listed in stable condition as of Tuesday.

Douglasville Police charged the driver who they said caused the crash, 29-year-old Kevin Owen, with DUI.

Roberts said he saw Owen undergoing the sobriety test.

"I saw that and even with that I'm still praying for him," said Roberts.