How to deliver a baby: Here's what to do when delivering a baby during an emergency

Whether you’re an expecting parent or unexpectedly passing by as a mother goes into labor, knowing the fundamentals of delivering a baby could potentially save a life.

Dr. Shilpi Agarwal showed FOX 5 the basics of delivering a baby if you’re unable to make it to a hospital or find a trained medical professional to help.

Agarwal recommends keeping the mother calm and having her lie down on the floor, getting her as close to the ground as possible to avoid any injury to the baby during the delivery.

The woman’s natural urge will be to push, but Agarwal says you can help delay her from pushing by having her lie on her left side as you call 911.

If the baby starts to come before help arrives, Agarwal says to place your hand and arm under the baby’s neck to help support it and gently guide the child. Agarwal says the baby may come out facing down so you may have to turn the child gently.

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After the baby is out, Agarwal says to place the child on the mother’s chest and pull out the placenta and sit it next to the mother. Agarwal says you should not cut the umbilical cord.

You should help keep the mother and baby warm and calm until paramedics can arrive at the scene.

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