Huge fire in Manhattan

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Nine people were hurt in a massive fire that burned in a residential and retail building in Upper Manhattan on Friday. The flames and thick smoke could be seen from many blocks away.

The fire broke out at about 3 p.m. on Broadway and West 144th Street in Hamilton Heights. The fire was on the top floor of a six-story building, the FDNY said. The wind fueled the fire and spread it quickly, a fire official said.

More than 250 firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs, and dozens of emergency vehicles were on the scene. Emergency workers evacuated the burning building and the nearby buildings as a precaution.

The FDNY said the fire and the water used on the fire have likely caused major damage to the building, which is about 100 years old. Officials are concerned that the building could collapse.

New York City Emergency Management sent out an alert about the smoke and traffic problems: