Hundreds gather at state capitol to protest sanctuary city bill

Hundreds gathered at the State Capitol Thursday to protest Senate Bill 4, otherwise known as the “Sanctuary City Bill.”

On the steps of the state capitol young immigrants chanted against the proposed bill to end sanctuary cities.

"Not hate, no fear. Immigrants are welcome here,” they yelled. "Texas is home! Texas is home!"

They feel the passage of Senate Bill 4 will lead to deportations, hate crimes and racial profiling that will in turn make the state less safe.

Inside the capitol, hundreds lined the rotunda with signs, waiting to get their turn to speak before the senate.

Cesar Espinosa drove in from Houston, "I myself could be affected if I lose my status which is for the childhood arrivals program so it's really important for us to be here and raise our voices and express our concerns seeing that we are taxpayers and we are just like everybody else in the State of Texas."

Along with the out of towners, there was a big Travis County presence as Sheriff Sally Hernandez has become the recent target of the governor for her defiance to fully participate with immigrations and customs enforcement at the county jail.

The governor pulled $1.5 million dollars in funding Wednesday when her new policy went into effect.

"It absolutely affects me as a taxpayer that they want to suspend money on that's supposed to be budgeted by a federal agency. We desperately need local services for us,” said Ivy Le.

"I know very good, well-intentioned, hard-working undocumented immigrants that would feel the ramifications of this bill. We don't think it's fair. We don't think it's just. It's incongruent with the constitution or the values of the U.S. or the past hospitality of this state,” said Jordee Rodriguez.

Senator Charles Perry, the author of the bill-, cautioned his colleagues against fear mongering and reassured immigrants that if they are here illegally and do not violate the law SB 4 doesn't apply to them.