Investigators check sheds, trailer behind Conditt family's Pflugerville home

“I know they’re a religious family and I know they’re a caring family and I just really hate that this has happened to them,” said East Pfluger Street resident Jeff Reeb. Reeb and others were shocked to learn the young man Austin Police believe to be a serial bomber — grew up right next door.

“My grandson played with Mark and his sister for years when they were younger,” Reeb said. “As a kid growing up he was like every other kid and you hear that when these type of things happen — you hear the same things from most neighbors. Every once in a while you hear ‘oh I heard they were rotten’ but most cases, including this one...he was a nice kid. He was a polite kid, he was a smart kid,” Reeb said.

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The FBI, ATF and Austin Police Homocide spent hours talking with Mark Anthony Conditt’s family Wednesday morning while a Pflugerville officer stood guard outside. 

“They wanted to express their condolences to the families of those that have been affected,” said APD detective David Fugitt

Fugitt says the family allowed them to check the property. FOX 7 was there as investigators looked through sheds in the backyard, a trailer...even the trash cans.

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“The family has been very cooperative. They’ve gone above and beyond to answer any questions that we have had,” Fugitt said.

Pflugerville resident Beverly Canales has many questions. “What do you think they’re going through? I mean they’re just...I’m sure they’re just in shock like the rest of us and then grieving their son’s death also. What happens to make someone so disturbed to do something like this?” she said.

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“They’re having a difficult time, I think it’s understandable with everything that they’ve had to deal with this is certainly a shock to the concsciounce,” Fugitt said.

But did the family have any idea what was going on with Mark?

“We don’t have any reason to believe the family had any knowledge of his doings,” Fugitt said.

George Goodman, Special Agent canine handler with the ATF was called in to sweep the area for anything dangerous. He says his 5-year-old dog Bonny wasn’t alerted.

“No, not here no,” Goodman said.

Goodman came all the way from the Detroit area just to help bring peace back to Austin.

“We were all asked but everybody stepped up. All of us stationed throughout the country said ‘we’re available, we’re available, we’re available’ because it’s a big deal. We all want to do our part to assist,” Goodman said.

When Reeb heard Mark Anthony Conditt was behind the crimes, he was hoping it wasn’t true. He says the Conditt’s have been great neighbors for nearly 2 decades.

“I feel so bad for them and I know that’s going to be for a long while. And I just pray they can get through it,” Reeb said.