It's Like Tinder, LinkedIn, Snapchat, And Can Connect You To A Date With Destiny

Last year there were 3 million jobs that went unfilled in the tech industry. Why? Lack of qualified talent? Tech companies not looking outside their conventional pools of talent? A little bit of everything. And that's where STEAMRole comes in.

Founder and CEO, Clarence Wooten, joined Maria Quiban to talk about his new app and how his company is working to make a difference in the tech industry by connecting students and current job seekers with people already in the positions they're aspiring to through role modeling, tech style.

STEAMRole was initially founded to connect people from underserved communities with people who look like them in the jobs they're aspiring to. Why is this necessary? A report released last year in October found the following:

You can read the report from the Ascend Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates for Asians in business, in its entirety here. The great thing about STEAMRole for any community is that you don't have to be a minority to access the resources available through the app. Ultimately, the app and service is for all who sign up. To find out more about STEAMRole, you can check out their website and download their app.