Johnny Cash water tower springs a leak thanks to bullet hole in 'very sensitive area'

A water tower in Kingsland, Arkansas, a small town known as the birthplace of Johnny Cash, features a silhouette of the music legend. But recently, Cash appears to have sprung a leak thanks to an interestingly-placed bullet hole. 

The silhouette, which features the "Ring of Fire" singer’s guitar and signature stance, was placed on the 50,000-gallon water tank in honor of Cash, who lived in the town until the age of 3, according to a bio about his early life. 

But on May 10, city officials noticed someone had shot a bullet at the water tower, which hit in such a way to make it appear as though "the Man in Black" is, well, urinating. 

"Somebody shot our water tower, shot the silhouette of Johnny Cash in a very sensitive area," Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal told local news station FOX 16 on Monday. "It’s been leaking for the last almost week."

The image of Cash’s silhouette appearing to relieve himself quickly spread online and some have even driven into the town, located about 70 miles south of Little Rock, just to see the attraction, FOX 16 reported.

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The water tower is pictured leaking in a screengrab from a video taken on May 16, 2022, in Kingsland, Arkansas. (Credit: KLRT-TV)

While the situation may seem humorous on the surface, the impact of constantly losing water from the tank has been noted by officials and residents of the town, which has a population of about 500, according to the local news station. 

The mayor estimated that the tower is losing somewhere around $200 in water a day. This is on top of an almost $5,000 repair job, which involves draining the tower. Neal added that the town has to switch to a water line while the tank is being repaired and said residents may notice a difference in water pressure.

"It might seem small in bigger places," Neal told the local news station of the cost. "But for here it’s a pretty large number."

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has possible leads in the case, FOX 16 reported — noting how the suspect could possibly face a felony charge for tampering with the vital operations of a city.

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This story was reported from Cincinnati.