#JustBucket: Ziplining right out of NYC

Summers are a great time to cross activities off your bucket-list! Have you ever wanted to try zip-lining? How about trying it out only 47 miles outside of Manhattan?

Zoom Zoom Ziplines at Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon, New Jersey is the only guided zipline tour in NJ and the closest zipline to NYC. 

Before you zoom down the mountain, you have to get suited up in the safety harness and go over important guidelines.

The harnesses, launcher, trolley and brake are all made by a parent company, "Skyline".

The most important thing riders have to remember during landing is to pull your knees into your body and hold onto the bar. 

The first part of the four-line zipline tour is the "bunny hill" of ziplines. Here you practice your landing position and get used to the sensation of "zipping". 

After the first zipline, you take a 3,800 foot long gondola ride to the summit.

Below you can see the many features of Mountain Creek including a water park, bike track and even an alpine roller coaster.  

The tour itself takes about two hours depending on group size.

The longest zip line is 1500 feet with speeds hitting about 45 mph.

At the end of the tour you get to have some fun on a suspension bridge and then take a bumpy but enjoyable ride back to the gondola.

Zoom Zoom Ziplines is open year-round. If you'd like to go on a tour or check out all the other awesome activities Mountain Creek has to offer, visit www.zoomziplines.com.