Kean U seeks Communists for China campus jobs

Looking for a new job? Well Kean University is hiring at its campus in China. The catch? Membership in the Chinese Communist Party is preferred!

That's according to the job postings: Specialist for Residence Life and Specialist for Student Conduct.

Kean University's campus in China offers the same curriculum as the campus here in Union.

The university provided a statement explaining the posting saying that Kean University is responsible for the academics on the campus in China, "Our Chinese partners are responsible for all general operations and student services. All academic personnel are hired and employed by Kean University in accordance with the same laws, policies and practices at all Kean campuses. Operations personnel are hired by our Chinese partners in accordance with their laws."

James Castiglione is an Associate Professor at Kean in Union and is President of the Kean Federation of Teachers.

He's calling on the state for a forensic audit of spending here at Kean because he has serious concerns about this issue amongst others involving spending and layoffs at the University.

Castiglione noted the funding the university gets as a state school and said there is no transparency with spending. 

"We're calling on the state of New Jersey to investigate. We want them to conduct a forensic audit, looking into the finances, all aspects of the university, the branch campus in China, and the Kean University Foundation,” he stated.

This in conjunction with the fact that Kean is planning to increase tuition and fees by 3 percent.