Kentucky grandson restores grandfather's 1957 car

It was the surprise of a lifetime for a Kentucky grandfather.

Cam Dedman, and his grandfather, Fred Lamar, are close. For years, the duo has been traveling together and sharing everything, including a love for classic cars. A year ago, Dedman decided to restore his grandfather’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air for his 81st birthday.

“My grandpa is like my best friend,” Dedman said. “He does everything with me. We’d go drag racing, watching racing all the time. That and he got me into cars when I was young."

Now, the Chevy Bel Air is as good as new.

Dedman chronicled the project on social media and made the big reveal last weekend. Family and friends from around the country flew in for the unveiling.  

When Lamar first set his eyes on his old car, he was in tears. He bought the car when he was 28. 

“I’d never think I’d see that car,” he said. “I love it.” 

The grandson and grandfather duo said they plan to hit all the major car shows in the region to show off their new wheels.