Kids join Cubs for special Spring Training afternoon

For some kids, their dreams came true on Wednesday, as the world champion Chicago Cubs continued with their Spring Training season in Mesa.

They had a chance to meet members of the Cubs team. The team, in cooperation with American Airlines and Advocate Children's Hospital in Chicago, hosted nine kids who were fighting serious illnesses.

The kids, along with the families, enjoyed a special day at Sloan Park. The kids not only got to meet the players, but they also hit the field with them, where the pint-sized players got a chance to train alongside the 2016 World Series champions.

"I love the hot weather," said Saida Trznadel. "It feels so good."

Saida was born with Spina Bifida, and her lifelong dream came true, when she met infielder Anthony Rizzo.

"I felt like I was going to fall over and pass out," said Saida.

Pitchers Kyle Hendricks and Petro Strop also made appearances at the event.

"We're so lucky, and we overlook it so much to come out and get a different perspective and really give back," said Hendricks. "It opens your eyes a little."

"For these kids, taking a minute or just two days to be regular kids is really important for them and understanding what their parents tell them all the time that nothing has to stop them," said Dr. Joanna Lewis with Advocate Children's Hospital.

While Saida will have surgery when she returns home, her beloved "Cubbies" was all that was on her mind on Wednesday. She had one message for the team.

"Good luck you guys! Let's hope you win again!" said Saida.