Knock knock! Gator at the door in Pasco County

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The Pasco County Sheriff's Office showed up to a woman's front door in the middle of the night responding to a call of a toothy prowler that showed up at her door.

Amber Manning says her family had gone to bed when she was contacted by her father that the sheriff's office was at the front door around 1 a.m. because of an alligator hanging out on the front porch. 

The gator was about 7 1/2 to 8-feet-long, according to the trapper, and was likely looking for love during mating season when it wound up on the family's porch.

"I went in and got my grandma up to show her and at 86, she just couldn't believe it," said Manning.

In 18 years of her grandmother living at the home, never has this happened, Manning said.