Ku Klux Klan leaves recruitment fliers outside high school football game

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(FoxNews.com) - A Ku Klux Klan group in North Carolina tried recruiting new members at a high school football game by plastering parked cars with fliers that decried the removal of Confederate monuments.

Parents and students at Gray’s Creek High School in Hope Mills, N.C., discovered the notes on their windshields Friday night as they left the game.

The leaflet, packaged in a plastic bag, called the removal of Confederate statues an attack on “White History, the White Race and America itself.” The fliers were left by a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Fayettesville Observer reported.

“We’re hoping to let people know there is an alternative out there,” Spears told ABC 13. “Right now in America, it seems to me they’re trying to erase white culture and white heritage right out of the history books. We’re letting them know there’s another side out there.”

Many parents and residents found the fliers disturbing.

“It promoted racial inequality,” Amber Holland told ABC 13. “It promotes hostility, violence and division.”

The school’s principal, Lisa Stewart, said in a statement the distribution of the fliers was against school policy.

“We are aware of the unapproved distribution of material on the campus of Gray’s Creek High School Friday night during the football game which is currently being investigated,” Stewart said.

She noted the school’s policy prohibits the distribution of material containing “personal attacks or abusive language such as language defaming a person’s character, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, family status, or disability.”

Brian Hicks, whose two stepchildren attend the high school, said he received copies of the pamphlets at his home. He said the message directly contradicts what he teaches his kids.

“We threw them away...Everybody just wants to get along and it seems like one thing after another this year at school that's come up that's pulling against everybody," Hicks told ABC 13.

Security at the high school was heightened recently after photos on social media showed someone with a Confederate flag draped around his shoulders, creating an uproar, the Fayettesville Observer reported.

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