Large tree traps elderly couple inside home

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An elderly couple was trapped inside their DeKalb County home for nearly a week after a tree fell came crashing down during last week's storm.  A neighbor had been helping as much as she could until help arrived, but the couple still needs a lot more help to clean-up after the storm.

Patricia Peavy said her and her husband have been trapped inside their home without food for nearly a week. Sunday, someone came to cut the part of the tree out that was blocking the driveway but she said she still does not know how she's going to get the rest of the tree removed.

"We've got to have some kind of help from somewhere," said Peavy.

Peavy is at a loss, and doesn't know where to turn after one of her trees came crashing down in her yard. She said the storm was so bad, she kept telling her husband to get away from the window.

"He kept laying there and I told him the fourth time, then he jumps up. By the time he jumps up and hits the flooring it's already coming this way. I told him ‘I told you it was coming’ and the only thing that saved us was God," said Peavy.

The tree is so big it not only blocked her driveway, but her neighbor, Ann Washington's driveway as well.

"We couldn't get out this way, get out that way. And the kids were upset because they couldn't get to us," said Peavy.

For days Peavy waited inside her home until a friend of her sons came by and cut part of the tree.

Washington is picking up what she can, but both ladies know they cannot move this tree on their own.

"One man said it would be $6,000. I don't have $6,000," said Peavy.

And she said she is losing the strength to stay strong.

"I can't-do anything but this. Lord, I hope nobody who knows me sees this… crybaby," said Peavy.

Peavy said until help arrives, the tree is just going to have to stay where it is.