Las Vegas attack: how to help

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As hundreds of people line up at blood donation centers in Las Vegas, thousands more across the country want to know how they can best help the victims of Sunday's concert shooting.

"The hate that this one individual, this lone wolf, rained down on our community and on the MGM Village Park was met with an outpouring of love by our entire community," said Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak.

Sisolak set up a GoFundMe page Monday to raise money for the victims and their families.

As of Monday night, more than 30,000 people had donated more than $2.3 million.

Officials in Las Vegas said late Monday that United Blood Services and other centers that take blood donations were overwhelmed by the response from the community.

"We have a six to eight-hour wait at all of our blood centers right now. Donations are being given.  Appointments are being made for Thursday and Friday. That's how far in advance we are," said Sisolak.

In order to allow centers to catch up, officials encouraged people in the Las Vegas area to wait until at least Tuesday afternoon before trying to book a donation appointment.

The Red Cross sent a shipment of blood and blood products to Las Vegas early Monday to help with the immediate need. Donations made Monday, said United Blood Services, takes 24 to 36 hours to be ready for patients.

"Volunteer blood donors are needed each and every day to help save lives," the organization said in a news release. "Last night’s tragedy illustrates that it’s the blood already on the shelves that help during an emergency. Red Cross blood donations will become part of our national blood inventory, helping to ensure we are prepared for any blood needs that arise wherever blood is needed."

The Red Cross encourages people in metro Atlanta who are eligible to give blood to make an appointment in advance by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or by visiting

"With the outpouring of support from across the country, it is important people schedule an appointment at this time. The Red Cross is grateful for all donors who generously give blood and platelets throughout the country," the organization wrote.