Leesburg police: KKK fliers, candy found in neighborhood

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Police in Leesburg say Ku Klux Klan fliers and candy were spread to homes in several neighborhoods Sunday.

The packets showed up at dozens of homes in the historic downtown area as well as the Saddlebrook Place subdivision, where neighbors say nearly 20 homes got the hateful literature wrapped in a small plastic bag with candy.

The materials include racist political cartoons and derogatory references to African Americans and Jewish people.

Richard and Dixiana Avera found the literature near their mailbox Sunday. They say the messages inside are unwanted and should not represent Leesburg.

"[I] felt very violated to have something like that dropped off at my house,” said Dixiana Avera. “It made me mad.”

"They are just plain vile," she said of the people who distributed the flyers.

Police said they can't do anything about the flyers because they are protected free speech, but if they identify the individuals who distributed them, they might pursue littering charges.