List: Variety of drugs confiscated from South Florida music fest

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These cookies may look good, but deputies say they have some special – and illegal – ingredients.

They were among the items the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office confiscated over the course of last week’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. Deputies on Friday released a detailed list of drugs they collected there.

The festival’s website describes the four-day event as a “surreal experience, filled with multi-genre music, immersive art and transformative events, deep in the heart of Florida’s wild wilderness.”

Last year, the Palm Beach Post reported, 65 people were arrested there.  This year, the arrests dropped to 21 – possibly thanks to “amnesty boxes” set up around the site where attendees could discard illegal drugs before K-9s came out to search.

Among the items confiscated or collected were the marijuana cookies – 2 pounds’ worth, in fact – as well as 150 hits of LSD, 25 marijuana gummy candies and a variety of paraphernalia.

“We welcome anyone that travels to Okeechobee for the musicfest and encourage them to enjoy the festival, however we will do all we can to eliminate as many drugs coming into Okeechobee County,” Sheriff Noel E. Stephen said in a statement released with the photos. 

Full list of items, according to the sheriff’s office:

- 6 pounds hydroponic marijuana
- 150 hits of LSD
- 50 capsules of Molly
- 150 paraphernalia items such as pipes bongs and marijuana grinders
- 1 ounce of marijuana resin
- 200 pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes
- 30 LSD-dipped cigarettes
- 2 pounds of edible marijuana cookies and brownies, etc.
- 14 g of cocaine HCl
- 12 g of meth
- 100 hits of Ecstasy
- 25 marijuana candies like gummy bears
- 10 g of liquid LSD
- 10 g of powder mollies
- Five sets of digital scales
- 1 ½ ounce mushrooms
- 57 nitrous oxide whippets
- Various prescription medication such as Xanax and oxycodone