Little boy cries while watching mother walk down wedding aisle

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A wedding photographer captured the heart-wrenching moment a 6-year-old bawled out as his mother gracefully made her way to the altar. 

It was THE moment of moments, as a tearful Tearra Suber prepared to descend down the aisle--  lined with gazing crowds of friends and family-- to Bryant Suber Jr., her high school sweetheart. And while it's very common for the bride's father or groom to cry at such an intimate moment, she was not prepared to see her 6-year-old in full-fledged tears!

Because the moment Bryson saw his angelic-like mother making her way to the altar, the tears began rolling down his delicate cheeks. And it left photographer Paul Woo in quite the dilemma, capture the bride as she came down the aisle or focus on the precious boy watching her every move-- he opted for an emotional Bryson. 

"To see him share such strong emotions of joy and happiness for the union of his parents was seriously one of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced to date! There was not a dry eye at the ceremony," Saber told FOX 5. 

And after viewing all the stunning pictures Woo captured-- our eyes are far from dry too! Tissues anyone?!

The groom jokingly said that Bryson was trying to steal his shine. But we know he just added that extra sparkle. 

Because according the his mom, Bryson is very charismatic! He does very well in school, plays baseball and basketball, and is a turtle dad of two pet slider turtles, Mr. and Mrs. Zippy. 

And with all the publicity around his wedding photo, the little gentleman has been asking his parents if he'll get to meet Ellen-- he loves her!