Man accused of killing 5-year-old son in DeKalb County court

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Horrific new details emerged in court Friday regarding the brutal murder of a 5-year-old DeKalb County boy. Police said Montrais Boyd Jr's own father nearly decapitated him with a kitchen knife and then buried him in the backyard of a DeKalb County home.

His father appeared in court Friday and detectives described the heartbreaking scene they encountered on the night of the murder.

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Boyd raised and lowered his head but showed no emotion as a DeKalb County Police investigator described the horrific death of his own son. The detective described how the 25-year-old father used a kitchen knife to practically decapitate his son.

The detective said the little boy's 10-year-old brother grabbed other siblings, then ran and hid in a bedroom, even shoving a dresser up against the door to protect themselves from Boyd's rage. The detective said the children heard screams, followed by silence, as the man allegedly killed the child who bore his own name.

The testimony moved relatives in court to tears. After the hearing, they described their anger. They insist none of this would have happened if Boyd hadn't been released from jail in Arizona when a disturbing encounter was caught on the dash cam of a state trooper's patrol car. They believe the father should have never been allowed to put his child in harm’s way for the second time.

Dashcam video from Arizona State troopers show Boyd naked and behaving erratically. Troopers said he pummeled a patrol car with his fists, jumped into a vehicle then rammed another patrol car, hit an embankment, and crashed his car.

No word yet on Boyd’s next court appearance.

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