Man caught on camera following a girl home from the school bus stop

A mom in League City wants to warn other parents after a man followed her daughter home from the school bus.

Soon after the bus dropped off the 12-year-old little girl just a few feet from her front door she saw a man slowly driving toward her in a pick up truck.

Part of the encounter was caught on camera.   

What’s so odd about a man with his hand in his pocket, wearing sunglasses, walking to someone’s front door?

Well, Sami Bates hopes there’s an innocent explanation but she hasn’t been able to think of one.

"It’s very disturbing, unsettling.  I could barely sleep last night,” says Bates.

Wednesday after school, Bates’ 12-year-old daughter got off the school bus, stopped to talk with a friend, then as she walked home alone.

"She noticed the man in the truck and it alarmed her."

So the 12 year old picked up the pace.

"When she started walking up the driveway he stopped at the driveway and watched her go all the way up to the back gate and open up the back gate and go through. She turned and looked and made eye contact with him and saw him looking at her,” Bates explains.  

Then, as the video from the family's surveillance camera shows, the man got out of the truck.

What you don’t see is before he cut across their lawn, a neighbor says the man followed the girl up the driveway but she made it into the back door before he reached her.

That’s when the neighbor, who did not want to appear on camera, says the man went to the front door as you see in the video.

"It’s scary, really scary,” says Bates.    

The neighbor says she was so troubled by the man she went looking for her cell phone to take pictures of his truck.

“It was a small single cab older truck, tan with a thin white line,” Bates explains.

The concerned mom says she’s also uneasy because it appears the man has something in his right hand, which she believes he tries to hide when he walks away from the house by folding his arms across his chest.

She has filed a police report with League City Police "and I also called her school.  They were going to contact transportation so the bus drivers are aware of it as well.

"I’m just trying to get it out there so people are aware".

Clear Creek ISD plans to send notices home to inform parents.  The neighbor says she doesn’t remember a white stripe on the truck, which she describes as a light brown, metallic, boxy shaped pickup.