Man donates bulletproof vests to Mount Dora Police

Mount Dora Police are getting some help from a guardian angel. A local octogenarian has donated new bulletproof vests to the department. He's 88, he wears a kilt, and he goes by the name “Lefty.”

James "Lefty" Bruce made big news in little Mount Dora because of how much he cares about his community.

“I wanted to help them because I've had so many good things happen,” he said.

He's donating bullet-proof vests to the police department, not just any vests – these are super-vests. The heavy-duty body armor can stop bullets from high-velocity weapons, like assault rifles. Lefty donated four of them to the police department and says he plans to give even more.

“Lefty's been a great supporter of the community,” said Mount Dora’s Deputy Police Chief Robert Bell.

 Now, Lefty is being honored by the department he's helping.

“You might get me to cry - I don't like that - I'm not used to that,” Lefty replied, and when asked how he feels about the attention, he added, “I'm surprised! Happy!”

“As the officers are responding to an active shooter and they're getting their long weapons out of the vehicle, they can put this on and enter, immediately,” said Public Safety Director John O'Grady about the vests.

Lefty says he just wanted to help. The 88-year-old former encyclopedia company executive says he's been around the world. Now, he says it's time to give back.

“Money won't make you happy!”