Man Wanted for Kidnapping, Sexual Assault of Teen Arrested in Kansas

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office said they have captured a man wanted for the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl.

Tyreek Bowers Rivera was arrested by Kansas Highway Patrol according to the Sheriff Hill. Bowers Rivera was pushed to the number 2 spot of the Clayton County Fugitive Unit’s top ten most wanted list following the October 14 abduction of the young teen at gunpoint from the Krispy Kreme on Highway 85 in Riverdale.

FOX 5's Portia Bruner caught up with the girl's mother Thursday afternoon while she was posting fliers of Bowers Rivera in a Morrow shopping center. She didn't know at the time Kansas Highway Patrol officers were tracking him in stolen car.

She shared her daughter's account of what happened when the man stole her Chrysler Concord while she was inside the Riverdale Krispy Kreme Donut Shop. She says her keys were in the ignition and her daughter was in the backseat.

"When he realized she was in the car, he put a gun to her head and made her crawl up into the front seat of my car. He kept telling her he was going to let her go," the mother said.

The woman, whose name we are not publishing, isn't comfortable describing what happened next but, authorities said the 13 year old was sexually assaulted in the car in a parking lot on Tara Road and then dropped off in front of the elementary school about 30 minutes after the kidnapping.

"It was 48 minutes before I got her back. It felt like 20 years. It was horrible," the mother said.

Officials said Bowers-Rivera led police on a chase through the state. After a manhunt that last several hours, he was taken into custody. He faces charges in Kansas and will then be brought back to the Clayton County Jail.