Man wanted for torture, sex assault of ex with hot hair straightener found shot 7 times

The U.S. Marshals tracked down a dangerous suspect who is accused of torturing and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend. But by the time they found him, he had been shot multiple times - but police aren't sure who pulled the trigger.

Dekenta Parchman was wanted for the hours-long assault on his ex inside her own home. According to police, Parchman repeatedly beat her and sexually assaulted her with a hair straightener that was on. 

Information below may be graphic to some readers. Discretion is advised.

The 30-year-old man is charged with terrorizing his ex-girlfriend in late July at her Van Buren Township apartment. 

"This was a very significant assault. The crime scene photos speak to the significance of this assault," said attorney Sona Movsisyan with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Investigators told FOX 2 that he showed up at her apartment drunk and started punching her in the face. Then they said he smashed more than one ashtray over her head and violated her with the hot hair straightener before beating her with an extension cord and blows to her head.

It was three hours of agony and she was finally able to escape to a neighbor and call the police.

By the time they arrived, Parchman had reportedly stolen her car and left.

About a week later, the Marshals tracked him to Taylor where he was found in a car with 7 untreated bullet wounds. Police said they came from some kind of shootout in Inkster

Parchman actually brought up this information when he was in court on charges on Tuesday.

"I got shot 7 times. I got bullet fragments in me. I need surgery. My leg is broken, they shot out my knee," he said.

Parchman is no stranger to criminal charges. He's served time for unlawful imprisonment, drugs, and home invasion.

The victim spent several days in the hospital and is still recovering.

Parchman's bond was set at $250,000, no 10%.

dekenta pachman

Dekenta Pachman, 30, is accused of torturing and sexually assaulting his ex with a hot hair straightener. He was later found shot multiple times