Maricopa County Animal Care & Control creates bucket list for dog with cancer

Meet Rocko. He has an incurable disease and has been fighting it for years with treatment and temporary aid. Animal Care and Control volunteers know that Rocko will soon lose his fight against the cancer, so they want to make sure he lives out his last few days to the fullest.

On Friday, he checked off riding in a fire truck from his bucket list with the help of Mesa Fire Department crews.

"I've been called a hero because I'm fostering him, but honestly, the dogs are the heroes. I struggle with PTSD and they've saved my life time and time again," said Michael Mosteller. "We could learn a lot from dogs and most domestic animals because all they want is love."

There are several other items in line for Rocko to experience and eventually check off his list.

If you want to provide a unique adventure for Rocko, contact the Maricopa Animal Care and Control office at (602) 506-7387 (PETS).