Medical cannabis oil compromise approved by Georgia House

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The Georgia House of Representatives passed a compromise bill Tuesday that would expand the list of patients allowed to use medical cannabis oil.

Under the compromise, people with autism, AIDS, Alzheimer's, Tourette's syndrome, epidermolysis bullosa and peripheral neuropathy will be added to the list of qualifying conditions. Additionally, anyone in hospice, regardless of their diagnosis, would be allowed to use cannabis oil.

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"It's a little surreal today," said Dale Jackson, a parent advocate whose son, Colin, has autism. "This is the first official vote--it passed the House and includes my son and so many more thousands of autistic families and so many other families around the state."

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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Georgia lawmakers also approved a bill Tuesday to pull funding from sanctuary campuses.

Under the bill, private colleges that don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities would lose state funding for scholarships and research.

The state Senate passed the measure on party lines, sending it to Governor Nathan Deal. The bill is expected to have no immediate impact since no schools in Georgia have embraced policies connected to the "sanctuary campus" label. Students at several metro Atlanta schools did petition administrators following President Donald Trump's election.

Trump issued a series of immigration measures in January, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned this week that the administration could "claw back" funding from any city that "willfully violates" immigration law.

State lawmakers in Alabama, Indiana and Pennsylvania have introduced similar bills.

Finally, members of the Senate approved a substitute "campus carry" bill, which will now need to go to the House for an agreement.

The bill is very similar to one vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal in 2016 in that it will allow anyone with a weapons carry permit in Georgia to carry firearms onto public college and technical school campuses in Georgia. Last year's bill banned guns from student housing and sporting events.

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To try to address some of the Governor's concerns, the new version of the bill also exempts "any specialized school for high school students" as well as preschool spaces as long as there are no more than three on any given campus.

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