'Message to heaven' lands in Antioch backyard

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A bouquet of Happy Birthday balloons was found in an Antioch backyard. 

The four helium balloons contained mysterious birthday messages scrawled in marker and written in Spanish. 

KTVU is told the translation of one of the messages read, "Today on the day of your birthday we are here without you. I miss you so much. I hope that from heaven you are taking care (watching over) us and guiding us in a good path. Day after day it's difficult with not seeing you, not talking to you, not being able to give you a hug and a kiss. I know that you hug me and you see me (watch over me) even though I don't (can't) see you. I will miss you till I see you again. I love you papa."

The white star balloon said, "Pop, we miss you so much, your presence is missed and needed. I would like to be able to hug you. Come visit us. I love you very much."

The red heart balloon was translated to say, "Happy Birthday Don Ramo. Hoping the heavens (sky) fills with joy... today on this very special day." While another balloon contained the message, "Big kiss to the sky/heavens. I miss you. Rest in Peace Pa." 

Candie Nissen tells KTVU the balloons arrived in her yard Thursday. She posted a photo of the balloons on Facebook saying, "Found these Happy Birthday balloons in our backyard this morning. Looks like they were sent to Don Ramon in heaven. Rest In Peace. Kind of hoping this message finds the family so they know their message was received in Antioch, California."

Nissen and her kids decided to re-launch the balloons to Don Ramo. 

Candie has said after she posted the balloons someone told her that Don Ramon's family lives in Discovery Bay. 

Editor's note: The U.S. Fish and Game Wildlife Service urges against releasing balloons into the sky since they can be a threat to many animals including birds and turtles.