MetLife Stadium hosts first full-capacity event since beginning of pandemic

It was an action-packed day in a spectator-packed venue. Monster Jam revved up the crowd for the first full-capacity event at MetLife Stadium since COVID hit. There were no distancing requirements, but per CDC guidelines masks were recommended for guests not fully vaccinated, though there was no enforcement.

"Monster jam is my favorite show of all time and I’ve never gone to it before," said 5-year-old Jack Ciancio from Rutherford, New Jersey. We caught him right before he got to watch some of the most famous trucks in the world tear up the dirt and compete in intense competitions of speed and skill. It was also a day Jack’s parents have been waiting for.

"We are super excited. We’ve been looking forward to this honestly since before Covid. We had a show here booked last summer and it got canceled and they re-announced it and we bought tickets immediately," said Jack’s dad Rev Ciancio.

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"It’s really great to give the kids a sense of normalcy again, to take them out so they can be outside and watch their favorite monster trucks and be able to hang out and be normal little kids again," said Jack’s mom Cara Schultz.

(There’s still a dark cloud hanging over the event for some people though. Adrienne Jerry commuted from Mastic, Long Island with her family for the second straight day. The show was supposed to take place on Saturday but got rained out after some people waited here for hours.

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"It was really disappointing, the sun came out and had us all hyped. We went inside and boom that was it," said Jerry.

Monster Jam was just the start of full-capacity events lined up at MetLife Stadium. A Guns N Roses concert is scheduled for August 5th… and the first preseason football game is set for August 14th.