Metro Detroit shakes from 3.6 earthquake in Amherstburg Canada

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A 3.6 magnitude earthquake centered in Canada shook metro Detroit Thursday night. 

The event happened at about 8:01 p.m. Thursday, leaving many residents in SE Michigan wondering what happened. The United States Geological Survey posted that the epicenter was Amherstburg, Ontario, a town of about 21,900 people in Canada.

FOX 2 viewer Tonya Spears said in Harper Woods she was watching TV when it hit.

"I was startled, the  floors started shaking, it sounded like a train or I thought my furnace was about to blow up," she wrote in an email.  "Then dogs next door started barking like crazy - then it was gone."

Viewer Bill Tsikaris wrote in saying the rumble was strong in Dearborn and Downriver.

"All Downriver communities just felt a large band and rumble that lasted for 15 seconds or so, stretching from Grosse Ille to Dearborn," he wrote in an email.

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