Michigan teens accused in rock tossing death threw items from overpass before, cops say

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The five Michigan teenagers who are accused of killing a construction worker who was riding in a car by throwing a rock from an overpass are believed to have thrown other items in the past, including a shopping cart.

The teenagers, identified as Kyler Anger, 17, Mark Sekelsky, 16, Mikadyn Payne, 16, Trevor Gray, 15, and Alexander Miller, 15, were all charged with second-degree murder in the death of Ken White, 32.

Family in shock after man killed by rock thrown from I-75 overpass

White, of Mount Morris, was killed on Oct. 18 after a six-pound rock broke through the windshield of his friend’s car on I-75 in Genesee County’s Vienna Township. White was sitting in the passenger seat. Police said at least 20 rocks were found on I-75, which had damaged other cars.

Police say Kyle Anger is accused of throwing the rock that hit the van. All defendants are being tried as adults.

In an interview with People, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell said he believes the teens have thrown items from overpasses multiple times before. The act had originally been referred to as a 'prank' but Pickell indicated otherwise in his interview.

“There’s a continuing behavior,” Pickell told People. “These [aren’t] pranks. They’re deliberate, intentional actions that knowingly could hurt people.”

5 teens charged after man killed by rock thrown from I-75 overpass

According to Pickell, the teens have thrown several items including a tire, chair, and a shopping cart in previous weeks. 

“In the last 30 days there were a number of incidents on all of the [local] overpasses and one in Saginaw, which happened within the last 10 days,” Pickell said.

He said that the chair and shopping cart were tossed from an overpass on a highway in Saginaw County just days before White was killed.

5 teens face up to life in prison for I-75 rock throwing 'prank' that killed man

The five teens were all arraigned on the charges earlier this week and face life in prison if convicted. They are being held without bond.

White's family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with burial expenses